Updates on this blog

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I’ve decided that I needed to make updating Wesley’s blog more of a priority, therefore I needed to streamline how I was managing the content.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there is no overall password to get to this blog. That was causing problems (or drastically slowing me down) when I wanted to upload new photos. From now on, individual posts will be password protected. The password is still the same – our home phone number. Remember, no spaces or dashes, just the 10 digit home phone number.

In the meantime, Ben will share this blog. That should keep all of the “kid” posts to a single spot but not on my blog.

Also, the photos are going to be on Flickr. I found a way to make them private but link to them with a “guest” link that you’ll get to if you can enter our home phone number mentioned earlier.

All of these changes should help Heather update this blog too, which would greatly help us in getting stuff posted quicker.

Hope to post some more soon.

Protected: Birthday and Halloween of 2009

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

New Room Photos

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Again, you can find them in the Photos section, or here.

New Rockport Photos

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New Rockport photos can be found in Photo section or, for the lazy, Here.

Welcome to my new blog!

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Well, Dad finally kicked me off his web page and onto my own. I’ll be posting pictures and comments about what I’ve been up to lately, so check back often.